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HOTO Cordless Hot Glue Gun

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HOTO Cordless Glue Gun

Glue where you wish
unleash your hands' creativity

Multiple Anti-scald Design
Rapid and Smooth Glue-flow
The sticks can be melted in 30 seconds
Intelligent Temperature Control & Protection

Brisk and Simple Design

One press, and embrace the fun of creation

Goodbye to the complicated old models, and welcome to the brisk and simple design of HOTO. With a total weight of only 195g, even children can use our Glue Gun with ease. Press the button, the glue is good to use when the indicator light is constantly lit.

*Parental guidance is needed when used by children.

Rapid Heat-up, Stable Glue-flow

Up for all sorts of daily repairs

With brass nozzles of high thermal conductivity, glue sticks can be melted rapidly. The implanted MCH cermet heating piece provides balanced heating, ensuring a stable and continuous outflow of glue.

Double protection with intelligent chip

Effectively avoiding safety hazards

Built-in intelligent control chip maintains the heating temperature within the appropriate range: no more overheating that burns out components or melts glue excessively.
Three minutes without operation, the Glue Gun will shut down automatically: no more damage to battery caused by emptied power.
Double protection for you to be worry-free.

*The internal structure diagram has been artistically polished, not exactly the same as the actual internal structure.

Innovative Design for Glue-flow Structure

Focus on creation, no more distraction

We have innovated the glue-flow control system through repeated testing and adjustment, effectively preventing dripping and leaking which are common for traditional glue guns.

Balance Design

A glue gun that can stand on its own

Designed with a well-balanced structure. Can stand vertically without extra support. Put it wherever you like-safe and convenient.

Double insulation structure

Free of concern: Use it, and put it away

Covered with heat-resisting, eco-friendly silicone, the Glue Gun is heat insulated and anti-scald. With heat-resisting PC safety cover, you can cap the gun immediately after shutting it down. Easy to use, easy to put away.

Compact in Size, All in One Hand

Fan-shaped trigger improves the experience

Both adults and children can use the Glue Gun single-handedly. A light press on the fan-shaped trigger brings a continuous glue flow. Easy operation, fun creative experience.

The Adhesive inlet of bright yellow contrast color

Eco-friendly silicone, safe and durable

The adhesive inlet at the tail of the handgun applies eco-friendly silicone material, which is safe, durable, and resilient to wear-off that jams the outflow of adhesive. Bright yellow contrast color lights up your inspiration for creation.

Large-capacity lithium battery

Wireless design, Infinite creativity

Built-in high-capacity 2000mAh lithium battery: about 100-meter continuous outflow of glue when fully charged.
Universal Type-C charging interface: quick charging anytime, anywhere.

125mm Universal Resin Glue sticks

Safe, eco-friendly, and odourless

HOTO cordless Glue Gun comes with ten 125mm universal resin glue sticks: Safe and eco-friendly with high viscosity. No smoke or odour when melted. Can be used without worry.


  • Name: HOTO Cordless Hot Glue Gun
  • Certification: CE
  • Size: 135 * 127 * 35mm ( 5.3 * 5.0 *1.37inches)
  • Heat-up Time: 30s
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Power Source: Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Charge Interface: Type-C
  • Nozzle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Glue Stick Length: 125mm(4.92inches)
  • Glue Stick Diameter: 7mm(0.27inches)

What's in the Box?

— 1x HOTO Cordless Hot Glue Gun
— 10x Pcs Glue Stick (Lucency x5pcs & Colours x5pcs )
— 1x USB Type-C Charging Cable
— 1x Quick Start Guide



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    HOTO Cordless Hot Glue Gun

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