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Knitting Machine

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Welcome to the Knitting Machine

Most professional knitters started with hand needles before moving on to machines. It is not a lie that it is possible to make beautiful knitted pieces with just yarn, needles, and bare hands. But it can be time-consuming having to knit a couple of matching sweaters for the house with just your hands. So it could be worth the investment to get a knitting machine, especially if you are passionate about the craft.

I wouldn’t tell you to give away all your crochet needles just yet. But you should know that apart from saving you long hours on the spot, a knitting machine could also improve the finishing of your pieces.

Fast Knitting and Save time

With or without experience. This knitting kit machine can help you easily and quickly knit your own cool fashion accessories, such as hats, scarves, and socks, and present them to your parents, kids, and friends.

Delights of knitting

Perfect for beginner knitters Create a flat or round stitch in seconds with a hand crank. Just thread the yarn into the spindles and turn the crank to knit your very own masterpieces.

Knitting Machine Can knit 2 Modes

P gear for plain weave: Flat weave, can be used for needle reduction. It can be weaved in scarves, bags, sweaters, pillows, clothes, etc.

T gear for circular weaving: Round weave, fixed stitch number. It can be woven hats, gloves, rag dolls, etc.

Excellent Materials

The knitting machine is made of high-quality plastic, which is odorless, safe and reliable, durable. A very fun and practical toy! You can really weave what you want!

Perfect Gift

This circular knitting machine can be used for birthdays, Thanksgiving, New Year, and Christmas gifts, which is also a kind of beautiful handmade gift for your children, parents, and friends, and it is ideal for beginners.

WHY CHOOSE 48 Needles Knitting Loom Machine?

Quick knitting machine
Simple setup, Easy to use
Portable and space-friendly
Dual Weaving Mode
Suitable for adults and kids
Suitable for hats and scarfs
Perfect for Handmade Gifts & Family Time Activity
Includes 48 needles
It doesn’t require Battery Power
Perfect For Beginners & Experienced Weavers
Train Hand-Eye Coordination
Reduce Stress Level
Sturdy construction materials

How To Use:

1 - Introduction to the first lap:

Rotate the handle until the white crochet hook is aligned with the thread guide, and then leave a 30 cm long woolen thread in the middle of the machine to lift the thread into the white crochet hook. Rotate the handle clockwise, and then pass the wool thread through the hook. Finally, get out of the thread guide and pass the wool thread through the tensioner.

2 - Use P gear (plain):

P gear can be woven plain weave. After the first lap, it will be stuck, then please reverse rotation. It needs to rotate back and forth. The width of the fabric can be woven according to the needs of users. The width is about 32 cm, and the length can be customized. You should knit a piece of cloth first and then splice it.

3 - Use T gear (circular weave):

T gears can be woven circularly. This is a circular weave. In the first loop, the crochet hook needs to be cross-hooked. Rotate clockwise to woven into a cylindrical fabric. After finishing, you can make hats or scarves. The diameter of the circular knit is about 24 cm.

How to adjust the thread's Tightness

Yarn holder for adjusting the tightness of knitting

The installation steps are simple


Condition: 100% Brand New
Name: Knitting Machine
Material: Plastic
Color: Rose Red, Pink
Type: 48 Needles, 40 Needles, 22 Needles
Size: 40.5x37.5x22cm/15.9x14.8x8.7in
Weight: 4.3 lbs
Functions: woven scarves, gloves, hats, socks, etc.

Package Included:

1 x Knitting Machine
4 x Wool thread
1 x Crochet
2 x Yarn needle
1 x Wire rack
1 x Screwdriver
4 x Suction cup
4 x Screws
1 x Instructions

Note*: Special Crank Adapter not included if you're interested please contact us

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