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Telescoping FlagPole Kit with Solar Light

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Freely Fly Your American Pride

Show your pride and use the telescopic flagpole to raise the flag of America, This 16-gauge aluminum flagpole is durable and rust-proof. It can be extended to 20ft or 25f or 30ft long. The telescopic design makes it easy to change the flag.

Features Of The Flagpole Kit U.S.

Can be Hanging 2 Flags

1 flag and 2 flags can make your flag fly proudly according to your preferences or needs.

Rotation Without tangled

The swivel rings allow the flag to rotation so the flag can soar in any direction without the worry of the American flag being tangled.

Telescopic & Adjustable

The twist-lock design allows you to extend the telescopic flagpole to the height you want by rotating the lock between each section, Upgraded Twist-Locking prevents poles slip off, and also ensure easy unlocking.

More Refined Appearance

The finish is a standard directional sanded satin ground, which gives the flagpole a delicate and smooth appearance. 16 Gauge (1.29mm Thickness) rustproof aluminum flag pole can withstand all-weather outdoor environments.

Solar Flag Pole Light

The smart brightness detector automatically switches on the light once the sun has set, and turns the light off once it’s bright enough outside. Its six solar panels recharge the batteries (included) when the sun is up.

βœ“ 128 super-bright LEDs
βœ“ Smart On/ Off Light
βœ“Β 2 Modes of Brightness
βœ“ Windproof & Waterproof

PVC Sleeve

Mounting a PVC sleeve allows the pole to stick into the ground and be stable. we recommend cutting a hole in the ground over 19 inches deep to ensure a more secure insertion into the telescopic flag pole.

Easy to Install

Twist-lock design, extending the telescopic flagpole by rotating the lock between each section. (No ropes, or pulleys, to prevent the rope from hitting and the flag from tangling) One person can be expanded from 6.5 ft to 30 ft in a few minutes (According to the length of the pole).


  • You should dig a hole 12" in diameter and 19" to 26" deep in firm or heavy soil. A larger hole may be necessary for loose or sandy soil.
  • As for UFO Solar Light, Please push the switch to ON and remove the film on the solar panel before installation.
  • [I/II] 2 modes of brightness can be adjusted and reach the demand of brightness required.
  • If you have any questions about installation, please contact us.


  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 20FT - 25FT - 30FT
  • Sections Material: Aluminum
  • Wall Thickness: 1.2mm
  • American National Flag Size: 3ft x 5ft
  • American National Flag Material: polyester
  • 20FT - 5 Sections Telescopic Flagpole Diameter: 2.17", 2.01",1.81",1.65",1.5"
  • 25FT - 5 Sections Telescopic Flagpole Diameter: 2.17", 2.01",1.81",1.65",1.5"
  • 30FT - 6 Sections Telescopic Flagpole Diameter: 2.36”,2.17”,2.01”,1.81”, 1.65”, 1.5”

Flag Pole Kit Includes:

β€” 1x Flag Pole
β€” 1x Gold Ball Finial
β€” 1x American National Flag (Gift)
β€” 4x Carabiners
β€” 1x PVC Pipe
β€” 1x Instruction
β€” 1x UFO Solar Light

*Note*: Your UFO Solar Light Will Be Delivered Separately, Thank You for Understanding.

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    Telescoping FlagPole Kit with Solar Light
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